using a flower press

Pressed flowers can be used for so many wonderful things! I use them on my journal pages to add a little bit of color, but there are so many other uses as well: put them in photo frames, add them to homemade cards, Christmas gift tags, or even on an iphone case!

things to look for when choosing a flower press

The purpose of a flower press is to flatten your beautiful treasures and dry them out. I have used books before and there’s nothing really wrong with that. It’s just that the pages of the book get a bit damp and wrinkly, and sometimes I forget which book I used … however, this can also be a wonderful surprise in the future! haha!

Simply put, when you’re looking for a flower press, just make sure:

  1. it has a sturdy top and bottom
  2. look for sturdy inserts to support your treasures (cardboard is great!)
  3. a thin material is needed to absorb the moisture (I use pieces of plain newsprint)
  4. there needs to be a good way to smush/tighten/flatten everything!
  5. being pretty isn’t necessary, but it’s nice 🙂

how to use a flower press

  1. open your press and take off all the layers until you’re at the first bottom free space. There should be the bottom of the press, a layer of cardboard and then one piece of plain newsprint. Also, try to remember to keep the top in the same position you took it off…so the holes line up perfectly
  2. you can fit several flowers/leaves/treasures on one piece of newsprint – just make sure the pieces are not touching
  3. each flower doesn’t have to be exactly flat (for example, dahlias are quite bulky!), but try to lay them down as flat as possible. some people lay the flower face up and others lay it face down. See what works best for you – I lay mine in face up 🙂
  4. gently lay the second piece of newsprint on top of the layer of flowers/leaves/treasures so that it lines up with the piece underneath your flowers
  5. then carefully place the cardboard and additional cardboard/newsprint layers on top
  6. slide the top piece of wood on to the carriage bolts
  7. add the washer to the carriage bolt and tighten all four wing nuts securely
  8. and then just wait! 🙂

tips on flower pressing

  1. make sure your flower/leaf/treasure is dry before putting it into your press
  2. put your flowers into the press shortly after harvesting – when they’re the freshest and prettiest
  3. remember to make sure that no flowers are touching
  4. let your flowers stay in the press for about a month – it’s SO hard to wait! 🙂

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