our story

Our story began over 30 years ago when we met, became best friends and started our life adventures together. Those adventures definitely had a theme - they often included mountains, motorcycles, nature and animals.

After 25 years of living in a suburban neighborhood, raising 3 wonderful humans, we found ourselves craving the lifestyle we were dreaming of from our beginning days together. We wanted space, we wanted land, we wanted animals, and to live a more self sustaining lifestyle. It took a few years,
but we eventually found our forever farm home on a 48 acre property in beautiful Perry County, Pennsylvania. 

TERI is a retired physical education teacher and entrepreneur. While teaching, she ran a successful photography business for over 10 years, and taught various classes on journaling and plant care. She is the planner, purchaser, grower, harvester, and marketer behind the flower farm. 

BRENT has a full time job in addition to the flower farm, but he still manages to find time to help clear land, install fences, pull out poison ivy and maintain farm equipment. TOGETHER, Teri and Brent believe in growing flowers and raising animals
in the most natural, organic way possible. 

photos of Brent & I: ©Heart of Grace Photography

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