a winter walk

If you’re like me, you’re coming down with a serious case of spring fever. Yes? So I decided to embrace it and enjoy it! I’m a sun and summer person, so an abundance of cold, cloudy days can get a little challenging.

I grabbed my camera, the dogs, and went on a hunt for texture and beauty. It was such a peaceful walk – through the silence I heard birds chirping, crunching snow beneath our feet, and Percy’s crow.

Here are some of my favorite finds…

a very old cherry tree

echinacea pods

the beginnings of life in our apple tree

snow covered sedum

the bark on a river birch tree

the dried flower from a zizia plant. it’s one of the first to bloom in the spring!

lemon bee balm…one of my favorite plants

this poor paperbark maple is just limping along. i sure hope he makes it because he’s so beautiful!

i bought this garden fence at an antique store years before we bought the farm. i knew i’d use it someday as my garden gate

our woodpile – i’m ready for a huge bonfire!

we have a ton of jack pines on our property

i planted four blueberry bushes last year, so we should get a decent amount of berries this year!

Thanks for coming along on my winter walk. Being here and now is a great reminder to enjoy every single day and be thankful for each breath we take.

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