2024 fresh cut flower bouquet subscription

Q: how do I choose the weeks that I want my bouquets?
the month before your subscription will start, you will receive an email that will give you bouquet subscription details, flower care, and instructions on how to choose your subscription weeks. You will also receive a reminder email the Monday before your subscription week.

Q: what happens if I need to change a week during my bouquet subscription?
stuff happens - I get it! If you need to change a week during your subscription, please email us by the TUESDAY of the week you need to change. However, please remember that if you are subscribed to the EARLY SUMMER subscription your bouquet weeks must be before mid-August...bouquet weeks cannot be carried over to the next subscription. 

Q: what do I bring when I pick them up?
If you're picking up your bouquet at our farm or a local specified business, you will need to bring a clean bucket (a Lowe's bucket works great!) filled with a few inches of fresh water. Bouquets do not include buckets or vases. Pick ups are Thursdays between noon and 7pm at our farm.

Q: what happens if I don't pick up my flowers?
bouquet subscription flowers that are not picked up by Thursday at 7pm will be donated. Sorry!

Q: what day and time will my flowers be delivered or do I pick them up?
A: If you live in Shermans Dale or New Bloomfield, delivery to your home or business is free (or you can pick up at our farm - your choice)! Bouquet subscriptions are delivered on Thursdays between 9am and noon. If you don't live in those towns, you are welcome to pick up your bouquet at our farm on Thursday from noon to 7pm. 

Q: what if I don't live in Shermans Dale or New Bloomfield and I don't want to drive to your farm (in Shermans Dale)?
 I have drop off locations in Carlisle, New Port, Elliotsburg and New Bloomfield. Dates and times to these pick up locations will vary according to when they are open. You will receive information on those the month before your subscription is to begin. 

Q: what happens if I can't be home when/if the bouquet is delivered?
no worries! You will need to put a clean bucket filled with fresh water somewhere in a shady spot that I can find. Your bouquet will be waiting for you when you get home! Your welcome email will also give you more details on caring for your fresh bouquet.

Q: how big will my bouquet be?
A: you can expect your subscription bouquet to be filled with the freshest, most beautiful flowers that are in season on the farm. It's hard to say exactly how many stems will be in each bouquet since bloom and stem sizes vary so much throughout the growing season.  It's safe to say that bouquets will include somewhere around 15 stems.

Q: does the bouquet come with a vase?
fresh flower bouquet subscriptions do not come with a vase. Each one comes in a kraft paper sleeve and hand tied for a beautiful presentation. You will need to place your bouquet in a clean vase filled with fresh water. Flower care instructions will be included in your welcome email.

Q: can I choose which flowers will go into my bouquet?
sorry, I can't promise a particular color palette or specific flower since availability can change from week to week depending on flower bloom time and weather. But I can promise that your bouquet will be filled with the freshest blooms currently growing in the fields. :) 

Q: how do I care for my flowers?
A: all flowers for bouquets are freshly harvested the day before or morning of pickup/delivery to ensure that you have the longest vase life possible! Flower care instructions will be included in an email.

Q: is your farm open to the public?
A: sorry, at this time our farm isn't open to the public. We are, however, working on providing some floral workshops in the future. I'll be sure to post that information in our Farm Newsletter and on Social Media, so make sure you follow us there! :) 

frequently asked questions


6 weeks
August & September


4 weeks
August & September


6 weeks
JUNE & July


4 weeks
June & July

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1.  because we cut our flowers fresh for the bouquets, we are unable to offer refunds
2. if you're picking up your bouquet at our farm, we ask that you pick up on Thursdays between 9am-7pm.
unclaimed bouquets will be donated
3. if we are delivering to your home or business, please have a clean bucket of cool water (in the shade!) ready for your bouquet.
(more details about this to follow) 
4. requests to change the week of pick up must be made by the Tuesday before your subscription week. 
5. flowers are 'farmers choice' which means you'll be receiving the freshest flowers that are currently in season on our farm. 

the fine print

1.  bouquet subscriptions are perfect for you, a friend or a business!
2. you can choose either 4 or 6 weeks of wrapped bouquets for either June & July or August & September
3. you will be contacted via email (the month before your subscription is to start) to choose the specific weeks you would like your bouquets
4. delivery is free to Shermans Dale and New Bloomfield! If your home or business is not in one of these towns, you may pick up your bouquet in one of the following locations:

Humble Stitch
2 North 2nd Street
Newport, PA 17074

People's Provisions
2226 Shermans Valley Rd, Elliotsburg PA

New Bloomfield:
Farmers Daughters
12 N Carlisle St, New Bloomfield PA

our farm:
Thursdays from noon - 7pm at our farm. 

how does it work?

Our fresh cut seasonal flower bouquet subscriptions are the perfect gift for a friend, business, loved one, and your own kitchen table! :) 
Each wrapped bouquet is carefully hand picked and hand crafted uniquely for YOU!

imagine enjoying fresh cut specialty flowers all summer long!

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